Not A Care In The Day At Coney Island

I travel to forget about time. I do photoshoots to escape reality and forget about time. I read books to meet characters and forget about time. I like to be on stage or in front of cameras playing someone else to forget time.

This is what I like to do. Escape time while I can. But what happens when I have to get back to reality? In the “real world”, where the clock is always ticking, I arrange and schedule all these actions of traveling, shooting, reading, etc. in order to escape the notion of time. It’s one big cycle of my reality.

I am proud to say I shot this photoshoot below in Coney Island with Italian photographer and director Marco Maldera. He gets it.

Marco is originally from Rome, Italy currently living and working in New York City. He has a background in fine art, design and filmmaking. After several group-shows and solo exhibitions both in the United States and abroad, Marco was selected to represent the United States delegation for an International event at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Upon returning to the United States he began to work on his own independent film projects as a director and also on other independent projects in the art department and in post production. After freelancing in post production for HBO and for several independent film projects Marco started to work at The Mill where he learned the skills of the 2D department, focusing in Digital Compositing, Editing and Motion Graphics.

Check out his website:


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