5 Ways To Stay Sane While Getting To Your BIG Break

They say it’s the journey that counts…. ohhhhh the journey….. is it the road to being broke every other month? Or that logical yet boring path that requires you working 9-5 at a company you absolutely hate? Or the road where you feel like you are simply not going anywhere while wasting time not doing anything about achieving your big DREAM?

In your head, it goes on and off, on and off, on and off again and again, especially at night time: “but if I didn’t do the catering gigs, I wouldn’t have the flexibility to go to castings and/or auditions” or “but if I didn’t work this boring corporate job, my family would hate me and I would have no money. Now I have the money, but don’t have the time to do what I love”. Sounds familiar?

We all make choices, but whichever one we choose isn’t exactly right or wrong because it’s all about the damn journey! (But WTF does that mean?) Recently, I figured “it” out, and the thought will hopefully last till the next time I am have another serious break down, then I will have to have to analyze the whole meaning of life all over again. Thank goodness I wrote this post –  I will surely have to re-read this post to remind myself AGAIN about what it ALL MEANS after all.

To me, THE JOURNEY means, how I choose to handle myself day to day while I achieve “THE DREAM”. For example, let’s pretend today I feel overwhelmed. I can choose to scream at everyone that calls me on the phone, OR I can choose to run around Manhattan and shop, shop, shop because it makes me FEEL better at that moment of stress although I know I can’t REALLY afford what I just bought (yet) OR I can choose to take a deep breath and think to myself “WHAT I should do to NOT feel overwhelmed at this exact moment?” I can plan from that moment on what steps I should take in order to feel less anxiety of what is to come, like “I will do yoga at 6pm” or “I will TAKE 15” or “Let me simply play on Pinterest till the feeling passes and HOPE that some new positive idea pops up to relieve the stress”.

Basically, what I believe in is that during the journey, I have to find every possible way to STAY SANE. This is what has worked for me so far:

1. Read an INSPIRING BOOK when you wake up or before you go to bed.

Currently, I am reading the book GETTING THERE by Gillian Zoe Segal and HIGHLY recommend if you think that getting there has been easy for other already successful people because of this or that. There is no such thing! EVERYONE has their one issue they are battling – could be lack of money, or lack of family support, or a disability we can’t even see with the very naked eye.


I discovered this book while I was feeling not my best. I got invited to the book signing of “Getting There” where the author signed my own copy. She briefly told me her own story on how LONG it took her to publish the book, and she herself really inspired me to keep going everyday. We all really do have our own challenges to overcome, and this book tells the reader the most personal challenges all these successful people below had to overcome in order to GET to where they are today.

CompositSScreen Shot 2015-06-29 at 4.21.02 AM

2. When I am feeling SUPER NEGATIVE I listen to Abraham Hicks videos

When I am not hearing good news from employers, like no Cmails responses from roles I submitted to on Actor’s Access or my paychecks are taking 90+ days to get into my bank account due to the nature of creative businesses, I listen to Abraham Hicks youtube videos as a way to meditate. Sounds CRAZY to a lot of people, but these 20-30 minute videos center me, and either way I am crazy! So what?

3. Listen to someone with positive professional advice, like Marie Forleo.

Again, might seem ridiculous or cheesy to most, but sometimes your friends and family get really tired of trying to give us their advice while they are on completely different path then we are. To them, it might seem obvious: GET A NORMAL JOB or FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!  It’s best to simply listen to yourself on what you want out of your life at your own pace. In the meantime, make these you tube videos your “friends”. I look to them for inspiration and advice, other wise I might not only drive myself insane, but also my friends and family.

4. Do ANY KIND of exercise

This is obvious, but can be VERY hard if you are not feeling motivated at all. I have to remind you once again, if you are down in the dumps, DO EXERCISE! I recently purchased the annual membership for Citibike and bike 30-45 minutes at least every other day on the West Side Highway. It makes me feel tired enough to NOT stay awake at night thinking about everything I can do IF ONLY I HAD THIS OR THAT. No sleep can drive anyone insane, so I make sure I get my solid 8 hours of sleep and exercising helps a lot to get those zzzz.



Write a blog. Paint a picture. Dance by yourself. Sing out loud in your shower. Let it all out! You don’t have to let anybody know what the expression is for. I do all of the above.  Even if you don’t feel artistic at all, there is some kind medium you can pick up that will get you concentrated on the MEDIUM helping you get out of your head. Translate those feelings and thoughts into SOMETHING. I write this blog for that reason, but also I do collages at home with the purpose of picking it up one day in the future and remember what the “trying” or “beautiful” journey was like once upon a time in the story of my life. The choice is yours.

I got a book I don’t care about, and make my own story with magazine cut outs. I paste it all together where it has meaning to me.IMG_0277IMG_0276 IMG_0275 IMG_0274 IMG_0273 IMG_0272 IMG_0271 IMG_0269 IMG_0270 IMG_0268

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