Sometimes It’s Just Work!

I’ve always wondered how the models on certain packaging that sit on the shelves  of supermarket or malls get to be featured on it. For instance, the models featured on hair dye boxes or on mattress packaging bags. Moreover, how much are they getting paid?! I mean, they are all over the stores – They must be getting paid well!

How did she get on that box? 

She will be on shelves!

Well, I can tell you HOW NOW because I just shot for the packaging of some pillows about 2 weeks ago. My agency, Ramona’s Talent, got it for me, luckily NOT having to cast for it, instead it was a direct booking! It was a very easy gig, for I got to be in pajamas all day and pretend to be having pleasant dreams, for I had to smile while I “slept”.

As for pay:  It was GOOD! It’s not the most glamorous job, but sometimes it’s just work!

IMG_5510 IMG_5509

Makeup was light & easy

IMG_5494 IMG_5495

I got tucked in bed by the production. It felt good to be petted in. ZZZZZZ…


This was the other model, but I did something similar


Best part was, we got to have this lil’ guy around set!


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