For being a small role, I got A LOT of laughs – Hunting Season TV

Have you heard of the show Hunting Season? – A sorta new web series on their 2nd season written, directed, and produced by Jon Marcus whom also known for films such as Boys Don’t Cry, Party Monster, & Hedwig And The Angry Inch to name a few. I would describe it as Sex and the City but of the gay world. The show contains A LOT OF NUDITY, so if you are not into gay sex, then don’t watch it. However, for me it was a bit like eye candy because 98% of the men on the show were HOT and also it took me to a very unknown world since I am straight as an arrow.

I got invited to their premier that played at Landmark Sunshine Cinema in the Lower East Side of Manhattan this Monday BECAUSE I got to play a very small role in Season 2. It was so fun to reunite with the cast whom I did my scene with (the lead, Ben J Baur & Pressley Coker, whom flew into NYC from LA just to attend the premiere). I took actor Barry Lee Shepard as my “date”, whom knew the lead of the cast and also did a Tru TV commercial with me once.

I’m happy with the role I played because despite it being a small one, it got a lot of laughs which made it quite a memorable one. I won’t tell you WHY it was funny; you’ll just have to watch me on episode 2-3 to understand how even 5 simple lines can be very comedic & important for an audience and important enough to be that last BAM of the scene.


But the BEST part of the night for me was when I got walk the red carpet and show off my little red purse from India that matched my red lipstick. All of the cameras were flashing on me and I felt so comfortable and ready!

Getty Images
Pressley Coker, Barry Lee Shepard, and me for Next Magazine



Although blurry, my name was the longest and on the top of the credits. I thought that was funny.
Although blurry, my name was the longest and on the top of the credits. I thought that was funny.

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