My New Model-Actor Diet

I’ve decided that I will eat less, yet healthy, AND workout better by hiring a personal trainer. It’s the ONLY way to look the way I crave to look and feel good about myself.

Generally I eat really healthy, but what about portions? I eat all organic, clean, non-processed food. I try to stick to protein for the most part, like eggs & tuna. I love eggs! I don’t regularly eat pasta or white bread, but I do eat avocados and lots of kale & spinach salads with red peppers and cucumbers. BUT despite green clean foods I wasn’t losing any weight, and as an actress/model YOU HAVE TO FEEL GOOD IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA; meaning, you have to be at your desired weight or size. I eventually figured out WHY I wasn’t losing any weight by downloading the app My Fitness Pal – and WOW! What a difference a simple app on my iPhone has made in my life. The app allows you to scan the UPC code on foods to know the serving contents, it allows you to set goals, and it counts calories for you. It even tracks down all your steps to see how many calories you have lost by just walking (so you can eat a little more if you want). By using it a couple of months, I realized my portions were too big, so I down sized and NOW I feel lighter and better. Sample below:


My conclusion is you don’t have to eat a lot, but instead find super foods that contain a lot of nutrients in small portions like these Raw Cocoa Power Bites by CocoRau. They taste delicious and are packed with ingredients all abundant in vital minerals like magnesium, potassium and iron, and are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B. I eat it this in the morning before running or yoga. Now, I’m not saying you will survive on CocoRau alone, but keep it light.


Also, I know getting a personal trainer sounds like a luxury for any aspiring actor and it IS really, but it’s an investment every actor + model needs to budget in. After long research, the most affordable gym/sessions I have found (If you live in NYC) is from BLINK! Trainers are certified and 30 minutes of training for a package of 20 sessions is about $530 – that’s like training 3 times a week for 2 months = $215 monthly + monthly gym membership of $25-30. It’s SO worth it because even cheap clothing will look hot on a toned healthy body. Maybe I will start posting before and after photos to get the motivation started….

MY GOAL BELOW – that was me when I used to work out much more in MIAMI

Picture 2


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