Sometimes It’s Just Work!

I’ve always wondered how the models on certain packaging that sit on the shelves  of supermarket or malls get to be featured on it. For instance, the models featured on hair dye boxes or on mattress packaging bags. Moreover, how much are they getting paid?! I mean, they are all over the stores – They must […]

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UPDATE: Airs Tonight!! “It’s Not Easy Playing 3 Men! Scorned: Love Kills

06/24/2015 UPDATE: Here is the teaser for Scorned: Love Kills – Handcuffs for Three ************************************************************************************************* UPDATE: Scorned: Love Kills Episode “Hand Cuffs For Three” airs tonight at 10pm Eastern Time on Investigation ID Channel and on Sunday at 1am. ENJOY! And comments on the show ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! ************************************************************************************************** December 22nd 2014 Scorned: Love Kills is a sexy […]

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My New Model-Actor Diet

I’ve decided that I will eat less, yet healthy, AND workout better by hiring a personal trainer. It’s the ONLY way to look the way I crave to look and feel good about myself. Generally I eat really healthy, but what about portions? I eat all organic, clean, non-processed food. I try to stick to protein for the […]

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Should You Do A Nude Scene?

I thought I should post this article about nudity that I read today on BackStage written by Secret Agent Man. What I love about Secret Agent Man is that he saids it like it is, because he isn’t public, so he doesn’t care to say the truth about things without sugar coating the facts.  I have gotten […]

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