Smelly? Use BODKA – A Life Hack from @TruTV

Did you know that if you spray VODKA on yourself IF YOU SMELL BAD, it will neutralizes the bad odors. It’s true! I learned this while filming a commercial for HACK MY LIFE from TruTV with actor Barry Lee Sheppard last year around October 2014. The commercial aired 6 months later, on February 2015 and it aired AGAIN last night while I was watching the show with one of my friends, whom is also an actor.

I play the HOT girl in red that is waiting & sniffing the stud that sprays BODKA all over his body in the locker room. My friends that have watched the commercial on my Facebook fan page, say it doesn’t look like me, but that’s probably because I never wear that much makeup in real life. But you can see for yourself after you watch the commercial below and then click on my Twitter page or my Facebook page to see if it really looks like me. Comment below:


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