The Do’s & Don’t For Actors & Models While Being On Any Set

Get ready for more ACTOR INSIGHT blog entries written from me, considering I work constantly on small projects here and there BEFORE I get MY BIG BREAK. I believe aspiring actors should know what it’s like in between time while not having their big break YET. Believe me, the journey has been a lot of fun, and no project worked on is ever a waste of time. BUT they can be if you don’t know the BASICS – like the DO’s and DON’T for being on set. Like today for example: I’m working on a commercial for online content and social media of a major alcohol brand – I can’t name the brand yet because I just signed an NDA {non-disclosure agreement} stating that I would not post anything obvious about the shoot on any major social media platform, like Facebook, Instagram, etc., but in the past I got in trouble for this. AND with this said (or typed), that will be my #1 Don’t!

  • Don’t post any behind the scene photos or video of the actual brand product before the content that is being shot for has been aired, UNLESS production wants you to post content to get the word out. BUT always ask first! Actors CAN post something generic about themselves like: “Shooting for a commercial in Brooklyn” or “I always get to stand on an apple box” (samples images below) Actors may want to post such news so their online viewers can know that they are working actors, but never post obvious  or actual shots of product! I got in trouble once for one of my previous blog post where I show off “drops” (aka shoes that won’t be made) I had received from Via Spiga shoes.  I was their foot model at the time, so I received 13 pairs of AMAZING pairs of shoes, so I thought it would be a great blog post AND it was because the actual shoe designer, Edmundo Castillo, had actually found my blog post and dropped me right away. My agency, Flaunt Model Management,  called me immediately and asked me to take down any shoe photos off my blog post; I was actually REALLY embarrassed that I truly didn’t know this major DON’T. Lesson learned – the hard way!
  • Viewers wouldnt know what I am shooting for exactly, but mentioning film lingo will let viewers know what im talking about
    Do be generic about your post “Shooting commercial in Brooklyn today”


  • DO wear nude undergarments to set or shoot UNLESS they tell you to bring other color. But you are always safe with nude bra and underwear – seamless ones for your own benefit! If you can also bring nude strapless bra as an extra, even better! Reason for this is because you never know what wardrobe will have you wear, and the coolest outfit might be off the shoulders (coolest aka more camera time).
    DO nude undergarments

  • DON’T come sprayed with strong perfumes, nor skip the morning shower no matter how early call time is. This may seem obvious, but apparently it’s not. I’m on set now in between takes, and one of the actors smells like major BO! “Can somebody please tell her please?” – Nobody will say anything, but everyone won’t get near her although she seems to be cool and fun. Same goes with wearing strong perfumes And scents – directors, producers + crew don’t like this, neither do any of  your fellow actors.
  • DON’T wear strong scents /perfumes to set. DON’T forget to put deodorant!


  • DO come with a basic natural colored manicure, like a light pink or nude color, unless wardrobe or production tell you otherwise. For the guys, make sure nails are cut short with clean finger nails. Reason for this is because many times director will ask to see the actors hands for close up shots of  someone grabbing the product. If an actor’s red nail polish is chipped all over or the finger nails are black and/or full of dirt, the actor will simply come off as unreliable or they won’t be able to use him MORE for certain shots. A color I always use for safety is Ballet Slippers from Essie. I also use them for all FFANY shoe shows and feet auditions.
    Do wear a light pink manicure just in case they need closeup shots of yoir hand grabbing the product they are shooting


  • DON’T expect  healthy nor vegan food on set. Nor should you expect any lactose free milk, like almond milk or soy milk for your coffee or tea. When craft services DO have almond or soy milk, I get so happy since I am lactose intolerant, but this hardly is the case. Sometimes production will tell you they are providing food on set and it’s true, BUT 89% of times it’s processed or junk food. For example, today on set, they fed us doughnuts and pizza! I ask myself, “how do directors and producers expect their actors to keep thin if they keep feeding us this?”  I gave up on this long time ago, and from now on I bring healthy bars JUST IN CASE!
    Dont expect gourmet food on se

  • DO bring a magazine, book, newspaper, or iPad to keep yourself entertained while you wait in between takes. If you look bored or get tired while director is shooting other scenes, it’s not going to be a good look from your part. Production and crew sometimes notice hence makes them feel stressed. Also, don’t forget to bring your phone charger or a portable charger because TRUST ME you will most likely need it!

    I always bring a poratble charger since my main source of entertainment while on set is my phone
  • DON’T ask at what time shooting will end. We all have lives, but avoid asking this ESPECIALLY to the director or producer because you might sound like an amateur or not pleasant to work with. Usually this  kind of information will be on the call sheet, but a alot of the time shooting does go overtime. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of either if production is going 3-5 hours over the expected wrap time, but I suggest having patience and being open to staying longer than expected because you never know what could happen on set – like being bumped up for a better role or a role being created especially for you.

Those are my major DO’s and DON’Ts while shooting smaller projects. The ball game changes when you have a lead or supporting roles for movies and TV shows. When actors do get those bigger breaks, production will call them personally and ask them “Do you have any food allergies or food request?” – which will make them feel like such a star 🌟💫! But when YOUR BIG BREAK comes along, then you will have your own Star Waggons with your name on the door (it’s coming!)

holding for actors that already had their BIG BREAK



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