My Acting Coach, Karen Kohlhaas Is Featured on Backstage

If you can’t hear the truth on your acting skills, then you are never going to get better. I know it hurts your ego because us, actors, are putting our vulnerable selves out there but ITS THE ONLY WAY! Karen Kohlhaas, acting coach from Atlantic Acting School really helped me in a gentle way.


I have been in the industry since a very young age in Nicaragua because my dad is a director, producer & musician. I had started singing since the age of 5, and recording jingles professionally with 2 of my sisters, Gloria & Blanca, since the age of 9. Then we sang in Nicaragua’s national theatre, Ruben Dario, A LOT, all meanwhile modeling and doing every Nicaraguan TV commercials that we could be featured in. I can confidently say that I feel very comfortable on set, yesterday and today. HOWEVER, the first time I took a theatre class in college, I have to admit I SUCKED! I couldn’t read a playwright or a script, I would break character all the time, and I just felt very uncomfortable. All of my fellow classmates hated me! I felt very discouraged at the time, but that didn’t make me give up on what I knew I could be good at.


Today, my resume on acting + improv classes is long. I have tried classes at conservatories, workshops, private coaching for acting + singing, dancing, etc. I even took a class for fun called “The New York Reality TV School” with Robert Galinsky and ended up getting press from it! I can tell you which workshops are bullshit and which ones are worth paying for. But if I had to choose one that helped me the most is Karen’s class because she tells you how it is in a professional gentle way. Below is the latest article posted on her from Backstage:

@Backstage article written on @karenkohlhaas on top 10 monologues 


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