Not exactly a “one night stand”, but I acted as if it were one

What happens next?

Believe it or not, I have never had a one night stand. I’ve had PLENTY of opportunities to have some, but I guess I have never been SO DAMN attracted to a guy or man where as I have to sleep with him right there and then. I do believe in love at first sight though, and it happened to me once, but when it did happen, he became my boyfriend almost immediately AND then almost immediately after my EX-boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong though, I HAVE thought about having a one night stand as I started playing with Tinder. I think all the men I’ve chatted with on the popular dating app eventually sent me pictures of their privates at early stages of our chats – not just one or two, but like 5 different men! Opportunities are easy, but NOT MANY where I am attracted enough to call into my bedroom; EXCEPT one early morning weekday at 9am, when I swiped right for this handsome german man. I began hinting him with my dilemma that I was still to this day a “one night stand virgin”  – “hey, you only live once! I don’t have a boyfriend anyway” I thought to myself. He got the hint well, hence we started flirting and teasing each other via chat, when all of the sudden one of my actor friends calls me out of the blue, (which I actually met on Tinder in the past but we became good friends instead, probably because he never sent me pictures of his privates) to ask me if I wanted to shoot for a paid trailer video but I had to get ready to meet producer & director at The Jane Hotel in 10 minutes and I had to decide this morning! “Ok! I’ll do it!” I said to my friend.

I met the producer and director, which were two pretty British women. They described the content as being a bit “racey” YET “it’s about empowering women and people on being free and open…” they were cautiously telling me this and continued by saying “AND it’s sorta sexy… AND… well, it involves you having a one night stand, BUT it’s all implied!” I looked at them with disbelief as they waited for my reaction and answer, and so I confess: “if you only knew what I wanted to do this morning… I was on Tinder writing to this german man and…i’ve never had a one night stand, but….” well, you know the rest! They started laughing and I guess right there and then they knew I was perfect for the part. My next question was: “Who and where is the guy I will act out this one night stand with”? And then he walked in….

See below for the O’Actually’s trailer video #Love what feels good :


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