Building Character

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the best that I can as an actor because I wasn’t REALLY formally trained in an acting conservatory. Instead I grew up always singing at family reunions since the age of 5, participating in every school play to pass spanish class, being in numerous TV commercials since the age of 9 in Managua (watch below for my 2nd commercial as Wonder Woman) doing voice overs for Bell South, and later singing on Nicaragua’s national theatre (Teatro Ruben Dario) for charity shows. My acting experience doesn’t end there though…. (RESUME)

But today I am asking myself these questions: “Do I look natural while acting? Am I acting when I shouldn’t be “acting”? Am I following the “rules” to building character?” For David Mamet, there are no rules, just to read the lines as truthful as possible: “Invent Nothing. Deny Nothing”. But it is a known fact that there are great techniques that make an actor BETTER! Otherwise David’s Mamet’s daughter, Zosia Mamet, wouldn’t have gone to school for acting if this wasn’t true. So, I have decided to apply for THE JOHNNY DEPP SCHOLARSHIP at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute to take further action in my acting career.

I can’t afford to pay another 2 year education at this moment in time since I already owe a hefty amount on student loans for my bachelors in graphic & web design, unless I win the lottery tomorrow. I don’t regret studying Graphic Design though because TODAY I can afford to freelance and go to a ton of auditions during the day – I strategically planned it that way in order to keep acting in my life. However, it’s time to turn it up a notch and learn some method acting. Wish me luck!


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