How I love Japanese anime-like horror, especially when I’m in it.

How I love Japanese-like horror – 2nd time i’m in Fangoria article

I haven’t showed off yet about this last 6 episode horror web series I recently shot in a secondary important role as “Tanith”, a local NJ gothic bartender, but since we recently got an article on (The BIGGEST horror news site online) I figure it’s time to post about it.

It’s called: Flesh for the Beast: Tsusiko’s Curse. It’s sort of Japanese anime like only that with real human actors as opposed to cartoons. The web series is clearly not about the writing/script since it’s silly and funny, but instead it’s about gorie horror and black magic which seems to have a huge audience since it’s the second show Hulu & Netflix picks up from Fever Dreams productions.

I come out in the second and third episode, but I have not seen it yet. It should be out on Hulu and Netflix pretty soon, as it’s final episodes are currently being cut. I have to warn viewers because there is a lot of nudity, S&M, dark sex, etc.  Can’t wait to see it! Need to add to my new demo reel.

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