I teach how to grill fish on Howcast for a buck or two

If you don’t know how to grill fish, then I suggest you learn how to because it’s really delicious and healthy.  It’s pretty simple to do, but definitely you have to have technique. I teach you how to do it on this instructional video! I give you grilling tips on these kind of fish: salmon, tuna, magi-mahi, sword fish, tile fish, & monk fish. I can also teach you how to grill pineapple as well.

Now, I didn’t do this video just for pure fun, I admit. Instead I got paid to do it for HowCast.com and thats when it’s REALLY FUN! So far it has 33,361 views! That many people have seen ME grill fish. Also, check out the comments on the youtube.com channel – they are quite funny and somewhat perverted. Hey, I didn’t choose that shirt! Wardrobe did and btw THEY are REAL!

Just another paid acting gig for the books!

It's ok! I got a sense of humor


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