WARNING TO: All unsure aspiring actors

I just wanted to WARN all of the UNSURE aspiring actors and models. If you don’t love waiting in long lines, getting turned down by fat un-attractive old looking people, not being the only pretty one in the room, or not getting returned phone call by possible future employers, then this is NOT the job for you!

Yesterday I went to two castings. I had to change twice during the day because both castings were completely different characters. Luckily I live in Chelsea, Manhattan now, so I didn’t have to lug around my clothes and boots like a lot of actors & models that live in Brooklyn or Queens have to do. In the first castings I had to dress in jeans, boots and blue collar shirt like I was working in an oil rig, and the second casting I had to dress like a sports a fan. In the second casting, I was mis-informed: I was told to dress “young” and “hip” not as of I was going to watch a game; so all of the actors and models were dressed in t-shirts, shorts, gym clothes, etc. while I was dressed in a cute blue floral dress as you can see in picture below. If I would have cared enough about this specific casting, I would have been pissed for the mis-information, but since the shoot date conflicts with the Telemundo show I will be in soon (TBA), I didn’t really stress it. Besides, you should ALWAYS show up anyway!

So, I took a couple of still images and short 7-30 second videos of what most castings are like: long lines of mainly beautiful people holding on to their comp cards or head shots with a number like in the 200’s waiting to see casting director and photographer shoot a mug shot (a slate – our lingo) of them, me included. Yes, there is 1in 500 (or more) actor/model trying out for a single role. In this case, we had to pretend we were watching a game and cheer to the camera/photographer. Yes, it’s a bit silly and I especially get a bit nervous and shy when there is a very attractive male model/actor in the line. Everyone in the line is watching you perform, so actors BETTER give a good performance otherwise you’re simply not professional nor any fun!

Once you get to the front of the line, actors/models get approximately 30-40 seconds of the casting directors attention, and then we are off to the exit and HOPE to get a call from our modeling agency. Fortunately, I was put on HOLD for the 1st casting that paid $1500.00 but they released my hold at the end of the day. Bummer!

NOT dressed like the typical sports fan
Take a number. You’re #200 something!
Almost there!
Almost to the end of the line!

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