Sesame Street Open Call

I’ve been watching Sesame Street since I can remember. Who doesn’t know of Sesame Street and it’s gang: Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Count Dracula, and my favorite, Oscar the Grouch. So when I read on BaskStage Espresso that they were looking for a Latin girl from ages 18-25 that can sing and speak fluent English and Spanish, I had to call my comedian friend, Joe Lipari, to call them up and act as my manager.

Joe was able to speak to the casting agents, and they seemed really interested, but then they decided to make it an open call. I hate open calls because I believe that they are fake and it’s all a publicity stunt. BUT since I like Sesame Street so much, and I think I am perfect for the role, I went to the open call anyway.

As I arrived at Roseland Ballroom, it’s just as I expected; it’s a cattle call defined by its long line with hopeful hungry actors (not as long as I imagined at least). I’ve been here since 10:30am and it’s 11:55am (I’m reporting live now). They are calling in groups of 20 at a time. Not fair!

The good part about these cattle calls is that I get to meet a lot of cool actors and sometimes I run into some friends. The conversations are mostly the same: “what have you been in lately?” “do you have an agent?” “how many friends do you have on twitter?” “Dammit” I tell myself “why the hell am I forming part of this long line?!”

1:30pm – I went inside and they made me go through 4 different interviews, paperwork and everything. They asked me about my head shot, resume, roles, baby sitting experience, what I eat, what shampoo and conditioner I use etc. Then they gave me sides in English and Spanish and another long line to wait in. Finally, I get to read my sides and show off my neutral Spanish and acting, and i’m hoping to go to the next room to sing my songs in cappella, but before I got to the singing room, they showed me the exit.

After it all, I don’t know how much I love Sesame Street anymore. I’m too sexy for their show anyway. NEXT! Chevron casting tomorrow.






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