Bad girl from The Sak

I’ve been a bad bad girl. I’ve been careless with my wordpress blog.  – that is the beginning lyrics to a song from Fiona Apple.

I’ve been bad because A LOT has been going on before my big break, but I have not posted anything. Why? Because slow internet really annoys me! My macbook pro is almost 3 years old and about to run out of insurance. I upload A LOT of images and music because of my graphic design career, and well, because I love art and music. But here is the latest as far as my acting/modeling career:

1. I recently went up to Woodstock, NY to do a photoshoot for THE SAK. Remember their handbags? Well, i’m bringing THE SAK BACK!

2. I auditioned for two singing shows: La Academia for Canal Azteca based out of Mexico. I made it to the 3rd round, but I think I blew the last one for singing a Selena song and getting way too nervous when they told me it wasn’t a good song.

3. I auditioned for Telemundo’s up coming show “Yo Me Llamo”. It’s a singing competition filmed in Miami that shows singers imitating famous singers. I’m going to be Madonna. Silly show? I don’t know, but I love singing.

4. I’m still modeling shoes, but now I am showing off shoes for COACH. I love the shoes they are coming out with in the next two seasons and I LOVE everyone that works at COACH showrooms.

5. I auditioned today for CHARTER cable company for a spokesperson/hosting gig. For the first time in a long time I felt really good about the audition! Cross your fingers!

6. I’m updating EVERYTHING – pictures, website, demo reel, look – and I can’t wait! Here is the photographer, Willis Roberts, I am shooting with. Do you like him? Please say YES if you do, or NO if you don’t on comments below please.

7. I finally moved back to Manhattan in a very safe place, sort of a convent with nuns and only women. Jean Arc Residences NO BOYS ALLOWED! And this is a whole other blog post….

For now, I made it on the front page of The Sak. Bye for now…



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