I’m The Main Character For The Naughty New York Guide

So about a year ago, I applied to an ad through the social network A Small World about needing models in New York City for a travel guide tailored for independent, FUN, and savvy career women. I researched the project and discovered that the founder and writer of the guide, Heather Stimmler-Hall, had already produced another guide Naughty Paris that turned out to be pretty successful. I also really liked the design of the series, and I needed new pictures anyway, so I vouched to do it.

The shoot was very casual and fun since it was mainly just Heather, the photographer, Kristen Loop, and I shooting at many amazing locations with spectacular views and venues only a true New Yorker would be aware of.

So the book finally came out in January 2012 and to my surprise it looks like I happen to be the main character! I didn’t expect it at all, but I was happy to see that I was on a lot of the pages. The images became frozen moments of  some of my (and most women) biggest fantasies. For instance, I have always wanted that moment of me walking the busy streets of Manhattan, specifically 5th Avenue with my hands filled with shopping bags, or me being at a spa in the most luxurious hotel and the on the highest floor looking out the window enjoying the view of the Manhattan skyline. But what I liked the most, was that I come out kissing that handsome tall man in the corner of Cipriani Restaurant by 5th Avenue. I thought it was so romantic and appropriate for the book because the whole entire guide is for women living out their fantasies in New York City whom like having fun, being independent, and discovering the best local places to go to, all meanwhile having the possibility to fall in love in the Big Apple.

Here is link to book just in case you go to New York City to be sexy: Naughty New York Guide – A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City


Shopping on 5th Avenue


Spa at the Mandarin Oriental
We all need some time alone at the spa
What are the chances of fallen in love in the streets of NY with the man of your dreams?
Lets kiss in the corner
Was it just a fantasy? Or did I really live all this?
The End!

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