17 Pairs of Via Spiga Shoes Just For ME!

I have to admit, life is great! Like the saying goes, after the grey cloud there is a sun behind it. Something like that… or behind every silver lining there is a sun? I won’t research it NOW because then it will break my concentration and I am way too ADHD for that.

I just received 17 pairs of brand new Via Spiga shoes in a box in the mail. No, its not a scam! Since I am blessed with being petite, my shoe size is 6-6.5 (I also fit into size 7), I model shoes for the shoe shows in Manhattan. Currently I model shoes for Via Spiga, but I used to model shoes for 9West for about 2 years. They weren’t nearly as nice to us where they would give their models the dropped samples. But everyone is so nice at Via Spiga.

Edmundo Castillo is the new creative director and designer for the brand, so we (Yana, the other blonde Belarus beautiful shoe model) get to work closely with him. He has stylist, manicurist, make-up artist, and another creative director (Stefan) choose our outfits for the shows, the color of our nails, our hairstyle and makeup and then he approves it AND we get to keep some of the shoes!! Moreover, these shoes are ahead of the coming season’s fashion trends.

Doing our own Photoshoot
Foot models in Via Spiga showroom



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