20 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I like my tea, coffee, and soups lukewarm.

Tea & Sympathy Restaurant

2. I cry on airplanes.

3. My paternal grandparents died in an airplane crash.

4. I hate the smell of dry saliva.

5. I play the lottery almost every single day.

If i’m going to win it, i might as well bet for the Power Ball.

6. I was expelled from 3 private schools during my middle and high school years.

7. I was directed to “gifted student classes” since 1st grade.

8. I model shoes for big designer to make part of my living.

I loooooove modeling shoes! I must have pretty feet.

9. I’m deeply affected by full moons.

Call me a lunatic, but the moon affects me indeed

10. I never had a 1st birthday celebration.

11. I am an irish twin. My sister Blanca is only 11 months younger than me.

Blanca and I are the same age for 1/2 a month. We are both LEOS.
Blanca and I are the same age for 1/2 a month. We are both LEOS.

12. I can have eggs for breakfast every single morning.

I can eat these every morning – sunny side up, scrambled, poached, boiled, omelette, etc.

13. I think about fashion and clothes at least 95% of my day.

My fashion blog shows my love for FASHION

14. My great great grandmother actually won the lottery!

15. I love cats and horses.

Cats and Horses are the most graceful of all mammals

16. All of my romantic long term relationships have been long distance relationships.

17. I’m not afraid of ANYTHING except cold weather and acting agents.

18. I was born in Miami Beach.

I was born on the beach!

19. I’ve been divorced before. Long story!

20. I’m doing everything I have always wanted to do and still going….


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