A snowbird in Nicaragua

Winters are rough in NYC (I’m so glad it’s finally over this year!) Miami Beach is awesome when in season, but been there, done that, loved it, but always need a new “challenge” in my life. How about going home HOME? Like home where I grew up and where my parents and where my whole blood family lives and is from? Home where all my middle and high school friends are grown up, married with children and have stable predictable lives. THE central american country that I can call MY HOME and where I have not lived at for a longer period of 2 months since I was 17 years old. That place where people can’t live without thier maids, chauffer, gardner, guard, nannies, steaks, rum, and mistresses YET it’s the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere. Where time stands still, yet young women dress like old ladies and fashion is hardly possible. Yes, that is my HOME and I am me because of that place. My sense of humor and a lot of my thought process is influenced by my Home: Nicaragua.
“Ok… DONE! I’m spending winter where it’s not winter and I can spend a lot of time in beautiful sunny solitary beaches. I’m going home and see what I learn about mysel!” And so I did for the last 6 months and it sure is a rare and beautiful funny little country I would recommend the world to go see despite its political absurdity (political people in Nica are a joke! Nothing to be afraid of there. No offense to my friends’ parents who run the cabinet, but it’s the truth). After being in NYC surrounded by those crowded noisy streets in its jungle of buildings with so many people running around you in this fast and dirty rat race, Nicaragua was a sanctuary! Time, space, and natural beauty is endless in this green virgin jungle. The world today is fighting for global warming to maintain and be able to see one day a place like Nicaragua, my home.


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