The Perfect Manhattan Apartment, But With A Crazy Landlord

I found this amazing first floor walk up apartment located in Herald Square. Apartment is furnished and has a cute lil’ chimney that works, hard wood floors, high ceilings, small kitchen AND best of all, it has an Illy espresso machine (I’ve always wanted one) – it’s considered to be a 1 bedroom converted apartment, which means it is a one bedroom apartment where part of the living room had a wall built in to form another bedroom, but you can’t even tell, and as long as I am living in Manhattan and NOT in Brooklyn (no offense to people who lived in Brooklyn, I also lived there and it’s nice and hip, but you gotta admit the commute sucks!).

HOWEVER, there is a catch to renting this wonderful cute affordable Manhattan apartment! Tell me if this is weird or not because I did find this on Craig’s List: my landlord, an italian decent, tall, handsome, BIG man in his early 40’s which claims he is a movie producer, asked me to put picture frames on the chimney of him and some kids, (I think the kids are his, although he saids they are his nephews) and old black and white photographs of his mother and father. I put them away once because I think picture frames on the chimney is a bit cheesy, for it’s just not my style, but he came in to fix the cable and he insisted I put them up which I told him I thought it was strange, but “oh well” I thought to myself “you get for what you pay for”!

Oh, and another  weird thing about him is that he said I wasn’t allowed to bring guys into the apartment – LOL – WIERDO! For me it’s simple, I’ll just tell him “YES” to his request, but at the end of the day, I do whatever I want! HeeeHeee (witch cackle)


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