The Grass is Greener in New York City

It’s 2:28am, friday night and i’m in my Miami Beach home, laying down on my bed in the middle of the dark, looking at my fellow actor’s FaceBook profiles wondering what type of work or project they are working on. I see my friend Celia’s profile – she is a young, slim, tall, asian actress/model with short, spiky, black, hair  with an androgynous look to her. Most of her poses involve her twisting her tongue with her mouth wide open that show this special tongue trick of hers. Her outfits are unisex, meaning, she barely wears any dresses. She is a cool chick and full of energy. “How couldn’t she have the energy if she lives in New York City” I’m telling myself. I check my phone and it’s 2:40am by now; no missed calls, no text messages. “Hmmmm… why would I have a missed call or text message from my lover if he is out in New York having a good time.”  I continue to think to myself “what am I doing? I’m thinking about New York and everything I could possibly be doing if I was up there. I miss going to all of these auditions, casting calls, The Manhattan Monologue Slam, and acting seminars which I actually hosted a couple of them. Whom was I and where have I been this whole past year?”  I’m beating myself up with the thought although I know exactly where I was, with whom and and doing what. The more I think about it, the more I think I became the person I didn’t want to become: the girl with the “ideal” boyfriend.

This is not a good situation for any actor! Don’t get a BOYFRIEND!


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